Thursday, November 3, 2016


How often have we read or heard "It's the Establishment" or "It's the Man" or "It's the System" or similar protest comments?

I always have a bit of a chuckle because they are often spoken by a high profile person and that often translates into someone who is wealthy.  While protesting the establishment and successful business persons, they are in fact "the man and part of the establishment and system."

How did that happen?  Because people often want to be successful at their chosen profession.  During the initial process, they may become involved in philosophical discussions about the evil of being wealthy or having power over others.  Then one day, low and behold, they have reached the level of success where they are now in a position of power and success.  But, they are still talking like they have on bell bottom pants and tie die shirts.  

A few continue to help their causes while others talk the talk but haven't caught on it's now time to make the difference they've criticized others for not taking. 

Although I was of the era, I wanted to say to John and Yoko "get out of bed and actually do something."  Or persons flying into town at the slightest hint of racial troubles but are long gone when the citizens actually need long term leadership.  

It takes hard work to make a difference.  Once the youthful idealism becomes midlife realism, it's time to make that difference. For those that have transferred those dreams into helping others, you are the ones that should be featured on the daily news.  You are the heroes of your generation. 

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