Monday, November 14, 2016

Things that Suck About Social Media


From a Grandma's perspective:

1.   People posting pictures of themselves standing in front of restroom mirrors.

2.   People that post pictures of themselves drunk.

3.   Pictures of couples in various poses of “in heat”.

4.   Having a public fight – back and forth for everyone to see.

5.   Over sharing.

6.   Assuming your prejudices aren’t bias because you’re right.

7.   Posting everything is either wonderfully perfect or everything is horribly awful depending on how your day is going.

8.   Inflicting your drama on every situation.
"Blaze Climber"

9.   Repeatedly posting pictures of yourself to get compliments.

10.      Women posting pictures of cleavage to get attention.

11.      Guys posting pictures of dangerous behavior and thinking it’s macho.

12.      Making fun of pictures of people you don’t know.

13.    Using social media to bully.

14.                 Spouses or significant others posting mean jokes about their mates.

15.                 People reposting news that everyone gets anyway.

16.                 Posting an obscure comment to get people to ask what you’re talking about and then refusing to talk about it.

17.                 Posting a guilt trip “if you don’t like, share or forward this” you don’t love God, don’t care about sick children, aren’t my friend etc. etc.

18.                 Linking God’s goodness to how many posts, likes, or shares a post gets.
"Joseph's Coat"

19.                 Not checking facts before reposting an Internet scare.

20.                 Posting private pictures of other people without getting permission.

21.                 Fictional stories told as real just to get people to cry.

22.                 People who think re posting/liking/sharing something on social media is actually activism and being involved in making the world better.

23.                 Making every situation black or white, right or wrong, red or blue, conservative or liberal, Republican or Democrat, as a way to negate the other person’s opinion or feelings.

24.                 Pictures of people with their tongues sticking out.

25.                 Video recording events with low-tech equipment that isn’t possible to see, hear or play.

26.                 Businesses that use their social media to talk negative about a customer or other businesses.
"New Dawn"

27.                 Businesses using social media to only promote themselves with no value to their customers.

28.                 Changing your profile picture daily to get people to compliment you or otherwise posting pictures of yourself over and over and over.

29.                 Using social media to complain or put down others when the mature way to handle would be discuss rationally in person and in private.

30.                 Not thinking about the future ramifications of comments in a world where threats, indiscretions, sexually explicitness, how you dress, maturity, grammar and profanity will be one measure of how you’re judged for acceptance into a job, a marriage or relationship, another’s family and friends, and legal situations. 

31.                 Claiming “it’s not right or fair” for others to judge you by your social media activities is naive – it’s a fact of life and becoming more so.  Learning and changing your own behavior shows maturity.     
I call this "pink climber" - I know not very original
but I've lost the name of this beauty.

 I've posted pictures of my climbing roses just because they were so beautiful this year.  

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