Sunday, February 12, 2017

A Fond Good-Bye

Today I bid a fond Good-Bye to my Galva News "For the Love of Gardening" column.  I had been contemplating resigning my highly paid and notoriously famous authorship for some time.  (For those that take everything literally, the paid/famous part was humor.)

I'd been contemplating the resignation but always seemed to have one more column to write.  It wasn't that there was a problem with the Galva News or Editor, Doug Boock.  On the contrary, I respect both and my working relationship and personal friendship with Doug has stayed strong. I'd written thousands of articles both here and in various publications and love to share enthusiasm for all things gardening and an occasional "opinion piece".  I had simply lost my excitement for the project. 

To me, writing and the inspiration for a topic must come from an overwhelming excitement about the topic.  I can almost always find excitement regarding gardening; maybe not in newsprint at this time.  It was time to bid a fond Good-Bye.

When I found Doug was going to resign as Editor of the Galva News, I felt it was a good time to make the change.  It wasn't a result of his leaving or being adverse to his replacement.  It was all about a good break time.  I do wish his replacement the best and I'm sure we'll all enjoy the Galva News under his leadership as we have under so many others.  I continue to maintain The Galva News is the best little weekly paper in the Midwest - maybe the world!! 

I look forward to only writing "gardening" in this Blog format at the relaxed pace it allows.  Thanks for your readership in the Galva News and comments of encouragement through the years.           

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