Sunday, February 26, 2017

What Claude Said

As we're looking forward to March inching it's way closer to Spring, this famous quote from Claude Monet seems to speak to me:

I miss warm-weather flowers.  I've been know to bring in cut flowers from big box stores, put out some nice artificial flowers or have a flowering house plant but nothing is as soothing as looking at a plant blooming in my yard (or your yard for that matter.)

Since we had some record-setting warm February days, plants are spouting up, trees and bushes are budding and robins are looking around wondering "where's the beef".  

The leaves from in-ground flowers will live but may be a little ragged around the tips.  Fruit and flowering tree/shrub buds are a different story and we'll just have to wait and see if their flowers survive the resuming winter temps.  The good news is it won't kill the plants.  

Have a good end of February and join me in looking forward to flowers because we must have flowers always and always!

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