Thursday, March 30, 2017

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Yellow in the garden seems a no brainer except when the marketing people have a color agenda every year and yellow is often pushed to the back.

Consider yellow a neutral because there are very few things in a garden or house paint that clashes with a nice clear yellow.  Then - if you add other colors and shades to yellow, it goes in so many lovely directions.  Orange/yellow - clear yellow - deep ocher yellow - near white yellow and so on.
I call this "Unknown Glowing" Daylily.  It blooms
in near-shade.

Yellow brightens shade, welcomes spring, glows in the sun, accents a spot and brings a garden cohesiveness.  
A sweet little annual Cosmos.

Yellows can be perennials or annuals.  They can be trees and bushes.  And they can be hardscapes.

It's pretty obvious I love yellow because the first thing you notice when you arrive at my house is it's painted yellow.  The yellow caused a bit of a neighborhood uproar in the beginning but I think they've learned to live with my choice after twenty years.  
Shrub rose bush "Golden Wings".  One of the
most fragrant roses I have in my gardens.

I've used many yellow daylilies all around my yard including one of the oldest, "Lemon Lily."

Every nursery and seed store has annual yellows:  marigolds, cosmos and petunias to name only a few.
Floribunda "Julia Child" rose
Roses are a great source for yellow as is attested by the oldie but goodie, "Yellow Rose of Texas".
Golden Rain Tree
I have two beautiful yellow trees:  A "Weeping Golden Willow" and the "Golden Rain Tree".  Keep in mind if a tree's leaves turn yellow in the fall for a late shot of lusciousness.

This Forsythia bush contrasts
against the red barn siding.
Spring flowering bulbs bring long overdue
sunshine to the garden.
This pretty Gold Finch is snacking on
sunflower seeds.  
A medley of annuals and perennial yellow
flowers is beautiful bouquet.
Bring a little sunshine into your life - add yellow to your gardens.  It's a smile waiting to happen.

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  1. I love all the yellows, my favorite accent color in decorating.