Friday, March 17, 2017

Green is Your Friend

You might think because foliage is often green you'd never want green flowers but then you'd be missing some real beauties.

St. Patrick's Day inspired the whole green flower thing.  Let's explore some of the top beauties this morning:


An annual but may self seed.  There are several kinds - old fashioned with smaller less developed petals and the newer hybrids like pictured.


An annual and easy to collect the seeds and replant next year.  I've never found the green zinnias in mixed packets nor in smaller sizes.

They are especially beautiful in bouquets.


"Sophistica Lime Green" petunia is a showstopper and looks especially good when mixed with other colors.

An annual.


Many hydrangea flowers start out green and then turn to other colors (white and pink are the most common.)  This picture shows the flowers from my Hydrangea "Annabelle"  mixed with the flower heads of sedum.

This is a perennial.


Hemerocallis "Green Flutter" is a near-green.  Quite a few daylilies have been hybridized to have enhanced green on the petals/sepals but are still short of a real green self.  Many have a green throat.  Daylilies are perennials.


"La terre Verte" Hybrid Tea Rose is lovely example of how green can be beautiful in an unexpected way.

The folks at Pantone always have their "color of the year" and this year it's Greenery.

Their choice influences the fashion and interior decorating industries.   Although slower to adapt, it will influence the garden industry as well.  An easy adaption since gardens are all about green.

Bringing in more green flowers is a rather recent gardening phase but expect more because it is so beautiful.  Beautiful alone and coordinates with other colors.

In the garden, most look best when they are in full sun as they can blend in with shadows to the point of being invisible among foliage.

In a vase, they can be alone but are really beautiful when mixed with other colors.

You'll find green flowers at your nurseries this summer and also available in seed packets.  Dive into greenery - green is your friend.

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