Thursday, July 6, 2017

Daylily Fireworks

Hemerocallis "Ruby Spider" is 9-inches and opens somewhat flat.  It's considered "Unusual Form - Spatulate".  It's won five important awards.  Very substantial.  And it's fragrant.  Pretty much everything.
The A.H.S.'s definition of a Spider daylily is "A flower whose petals have a length-to-width ratio of at least 4 to 1 (listed as 4:1.)  Length is measured with the segment fully extended.  Width measurement is taken as the flower grows naturally.
Hemerocallis "Chester Cyclone" is an 8 1/2 inch Unusual Form - Cascade.  It's a little fragile in storms but the next day another beauty arrives.  And it's fragrant.  
The definition of Unusual Form is:  A class of daylilies based exclusively on tepal form, not on color or color patterns.  An Unusual Form must typically display distinct Unusual Form characteristics on at least 3 petals or 3 sepals.  There should be minimal overlap with a "V" shaped space between 3 or more floral segments.  Unusual Form class is made up of 3 types of flowers, based exclusively on their tepal (petal and sepal) shapes.  These types include:  Crispate, Cascade and Spatulate forms.
Hemerocallis "Chin Whiskers" is a 5-inch Unusual Crispate Spider that has an amazingly large bud count.  It's very fragrant.  
(1)  Crispate - Midrib Cristate (formerly Crested):  A form of sculpting that refers to appendages of extra petal tissue growing from the midrib or elsewhere on the surface of the petals.  When the extra tissue grows from the midribs, the form is called Midrib Cristate.
Hemerocallis "Chloe" is a 5-inch spider and is considered a bicolor.  Plus, it's fragrant and a rebloomer.  In the last twelve years, I've divided this seven times.  A fast increaser.  
(2)  Cascade - Curling:  Refers to a small, steep waterfall or something resembling a waterfall.  The cascade form may include cascading or curling of segments.  
Hemerocallis "Exotic Dancer" is a 7 1/2 inch Unusual Form - Crispate.  Very fragrant, nocturnal (WOWZER) and has an extended bloom time.  
(3) Spatulate:  Floral segments are markedly wider at the end, resembling a kitchen spatula.  
Hemerocallis "Heavenly Angel Ice" is an 8-inch near-white Unusual Form Crispate.  It's won the A.H.S.'s highest award.  This is the first bloom for my plant and I expect it to become much more exciting.
OK, what's the point of knowing any of this?  That's the story.
Hemerocallis "Feast of the Mau Mau" is an 8-inch Unusual Form - Crispate.  Considered informal as the segments not only pinch but sepals curl and twist.
I've gone through different daylily phases; phases of what was a favorite color, kind or size.  Today I'm into large spiders which includes many of the unusual forms.  A description that says, "eleven inch spider with curling" and I'm pretty much excited.  
Hemerocallis "Fellow" is a 7-inch rich purple Unusual Form - Crispate Spider.  Very fragrant.  
The reason I'm currently enjoying these big spiders is we have lots of green around our yard and little flowers can disappear.  When one of these crazy big babies is in bloom, it can stop a crowd in mid-step.
Hemerocallis "Fly Catcher" is a 7 1/2 inch spider  on 32 inch scapes.  
I've scattered some of my biggies through this article.  Hope you enjoy the fireworks display.
Hemerocallis "Kindly Light" is a 7-inch and considered the first spider form.  An award winner.  I had planted in 2011 and never saw it again.  This year there was a nice big fan in an odd place and yesterday, this beauty emerged.  Yea our team!
Hemerocallis "Lake Norman Spider" is an 8-inch Unusual Form - Crispate.  Fragrant.  BUT, the lovely watermark is what sets this stunning lily apart from the average.
Hemerocallis "Lilting Belle" is an 8-inch Spider variant.  It was my first big spider and it's still a favorite.  It looks delicate and the light pink/lavender is a welcome color during the late season bloom period.  
Hemerocallis "Prague Spring" is a 7-inch Unique Spider - Unusual Form - Crispate.
Hemerocallis "Primal Scream" is aptly named.  This 7 1/2 inch bright orange, gold dusted beauty has won the Stout Silver Medal and others.  An Unusual Form - Crispate - Cascade.

Hemerocallis "Selma Longlegs" defies photographs.  At 9-inches, it's light tangerine is so beautiful in person.  The Unusual form is even pretty picked.  
If you click on the first picture, you can view these as a slide show and they are so worthy of up close and personal.

Observation:  I've noticed these large spiders have not been as damaged by our two high-wind/hail storms nor the over abundance of earwigs and Japanese Beetle damage like some of my other lilies.  Perhaps the very breeding that makes them huge and substantial protects them from some of natures dirty tricks.    

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