Monday, July 10, 2017

Smaller Fireworks!

The last post was of some of my giant spider lilies - stunning and wonderful.  For those that want a little more control or need smaller lilies, there's still spiders for you.  Here are a few from my gardens.
Hemerocallis "Quilt Patch" is a 6-inch unique spidery pearl dusted brown with a darker brown/purple eyezone and large yellow star throat.  Stunning in it's difference.
Hemerocallis "Parade of Peacocks" is another spider that is pretty because of it's huge rose eyezone and large throat.  It's also slightly ruffled.
Hemerocallis "Middendorfii" was introduced in 1897 and I'm not sure if it's officially registered as a spider because it's trumpet shaped.  3-inch and always is the first to bloom in my yard.
Hemerocallis "Little Judy" is a 5-inch spider that shimmers.  Humongous amount of flowers and the clump increases every year.  Beautiful little mid-late bloomer.

Hemerocallis "Flaming Sword" is a 5 inch orange/red spider with strap like petals and very fragrant.  It blooms late to bring color to the fall garden.  And it's tough.  It's always been in the wrong spot (and I'm always going to move it next year) and it still does great.
Hemerocallis "Crimson Pirate" is a 5-inch red spider and does well in some shade.  It's very hardy/bred in Nebraska.  This and the previous one are examples that you don't need to spend lots of money to have pretty daylilies; both were less than $5.  

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