Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Daylily Photo Contest

Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin are in the Great Lakes - Region 2 Division of the American Hemerocallis Society.

Region 2 members are invited to participate in a photo contest promoting daylilies and photography. What a better twosome!

Most of us who have daylilies in our gardens or simply enjoy them wherever we see them, find it difficult to resist taking photographs. I've finally stopped making so many prints and now store my photos on an external PC hard drive.

Granted you must be "into" daylilies to belong to the AHS but the benefits are many, including this photo contest.

Contest hint: Read the directions carefully because most garden photo contests have little particulars or specifics that must be included to be considered. This one wants daylilies in the landscape with a place to sit. And although the yellow daylilies below make a pretty picture, according to the rules, they would not qualify.

Don't be afraid to enter garden or flower photo contests IF they are associated with reputable groups. Don't enter any contest where you must pay something to enter, where you loose your rights/ownership of your photographs or where you must submit any financial or secure data.

If a contest, which is otherwise secure, would like to retain sole use or future ownership of your pictures, I suggest you weight the pros and cons of their stipulation carefully. Sometimes this is alright for what you're doing and at other times it is basically stealing your photographs.

Many contests only offer the photographer and gardener satisfaction that others appreciate their efforts by publishing the picture or by awarding prizes. For most, that's good enough!

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