Thursday, May 13, 2010

Midwest Monsoon

From the WQAD Facebook page. I doubt anyone reading this isn't aware of major flooding because of the rain last night.

Although we had a little over two inches, most everyone around us had from 4 to 6 inches and upwards. Storm sewers, creeks, rivers and ditches have overflowed. Fields, again, have gullies with topsoil loss. Burlington (in purple) had serious flooding. Geneseo has businesses flooded and evacuated a trailer park. The entire town of Monmouth had serious water in basements due to storm sewer overload. The interstate and several state and county roads were closed earlier today because of water. Check out the WQAD pictures for more on mudslides, road sink holes, and especially if you're thinking of driving around. Any place low has standing water whether a parking lot, road or yard.

Not sure what this will do to crops and gardens. If the weather warms, a little wind and no rain, they might do alright. Otherwise, anything standing in water for very long will have the roots smothered and the plants will die.

Those who have organic mulch in standing water will eventually have to assess if it needs to be removed because of mold.

Plants with rhizomes and bulbs may be at the most risk of rotting.

Every area of the world has their dangerous and destructive weather events - the Midwest is no exception. Historically, these events have been happening forever. Historically, they are no worse in recent times. I tend to be of the group that believes we simply know more about these events, the access to on-site and minute-by-minute reporting and more people to talk about them is making it seem worse. Each new generation experiences these events for the first time and are usually taken by surprise and equally amazed at the power of weather forces.

Of course, knowing it is typical doesn't make it any easier to clean up the mess, ride out the storm or, at it's worst, deal with the loss of life and property.

Here's to a sunny dry weekend, folks.

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