Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Feelin' The Love

The farmers emptying the combine hopper into a wagon as the rain moved in yesterday evening.
Rain coming out of the clouds in the distance about half a hour before it finally hit our local fields and fortunately after the fields were combined.

One of the pretty shots of skies prior to the rain.
At 10:09 p.m. today, the Fall Equinox will happen. The 84 degrees will still feel like Summer, but, the fields are definitely Fall.
To put Fall into perspective, the average first frost is September 25 for this area. Frost is seldom totally killing, but, it will certainly damage tender annuals.
Have you noticed every big box, nursery, and small floral centers have mums this year? The colors are beautifully bright. Here some mum information:
  1. Colors are bright yellow, rust, maroon, mauve, white and sometimes a few other shades.
  2. Most mums sold in the fall will not survive our winter cold.
  3. If the plant tag does not say "winter hardy" or something similar, it probably isn't. If it does say "winter hardy", it MAY survive.
  4. Mums , even winter hardy, are not known for being long lasting.
  5. Unless you need instant color, buy plants that are only budded out - not in full bloom. They will last much longer.

Mums are the perfect fall decorative plant. Hallow out a pumpkin and use as a pot. This will only last for the specific occasion and will wilt and rot over time.

Arrangements of mums, pumpkins, straw, corn stalks, Indian corns, gourds, leaves and such can be arranged on porches, by fences, in wheelbarrows, and with beautiful results. These decorative things may be bought at places like Dollar General to Hathaway's Gift Store to more high end designer retailers.

Enjoy the beauty of the season - perhaps a wiener roast - sit around the fire and share friendship with family and friends - share the love.

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