Sunday, September 19, 2010

Harvest Time

Took these pictures earlier this week as they started harvesting (combining) corn across the road. It appears a lot of corn was picked this week until the rain settled in yesterday.

Even though the farmers were happy with perfect harvest conditions (dry and not too hot), most plants were in need of a good drenching. I've certainly been spoiled this year by not having to water much of anything.

One of my favorite newspaper writers, Jeff Lampe of the Peoria Journal Star, has resigned. He was my source for many nature facts. He was considered a "sports" writer for all the hunting and fishing articles but I enjoyed the nature bits the best. He has integrity of subject, was inquisitive and a great writer. He and his wife have purchased the magazine, "Heartland Outdoors Home". I wish them well and will certainly miss his Sunday column.

From Jeff's Nature Tidbits for September:

Ducks, songbirds, Monarch butterflies and bats migrate south.
Muskrats build lodges.
Rabbit breeding finally stops.
Snakes enter winter dormancy.
Tree and barn swallows stage in large flocks.
Persimmons and hazelnuts ripen.
Acorns start to fall (white oak).
Puffball and other fall mushrooms start to appear.
Aster and goldenrod blooms.
Green-winged teal, widgeon, pintail and gad wall migrate.
Doves feed actively - form flocks and start migration.
Pheasant broods disperse.

And that folks is some of the great information I will miss but fortunately have recorded over the last few years.


  1. Hi Diane - nice blog, found it in the Galva newspaper and figured out the url. A couple of questions about corn farming in Henry County, especially around Galva and Bishop: do farmers typically 'monoculture' corn, or or do they switch between it and soybeans? Also, are there any organic vegetable garden clubs in the area? I just mean no (or minimal) pesticides, not the big-time Ag Biz that can afford USDA certification. More like old-time, small scale farming with a lot of vegetable variety and no chemicals so parents know exactly what their children are eating. Thank you !!

  2. Glad you searched and found! It appears most area farmers rotate between corn and soybeans. Some add wheat, oats, hay for either their own animals or to sell. I don't personally know any farmers who go no chem on production/sale crops. Other than sweet corn, I'm not aware of anyone raising no chem. veggies for public sale although they may be out there. Stahl's Farm Produce, by Lafayette IL, might. Some vendors at local farmers' markets claim no chem. Sorry not much help. Diane

  3. You asked about clubs - not only am I not aware of organice garden clubs in the area - there are no garden clubs at all. Currently, there are three of us who may someday get together to talk garden but hasn't happened yet. Kewanee has a club but it is more social than garden. I do know quite a few individual gardeners who are no chem.