Saturday, December 18, 2010

Simple vs. Elaborate

 These photos show Christmas decorating at our neighboring Bishop Hill.  Most made from straw, greenery and ribbon, they are typical Swedish forms.

 Both of these are at Chicago's Macy's Department Store (formerly the State Street flagstaff Marshall Field's store).  Both formal and elaborate and so "Big City"!
The photos were taken by our Granddaughter, Ashley.  It was her first trip to Chicago and it was a return to Bishop Hill for a little shopping.  Both locations show decorating possibilities.  Most of us land somewhere in between. 

Although the little Bishop Hill decorations are rustic and made from simple supplies, these displays aren't small or easy to make.  The straw goats probably need a wire form to maintain their shape and to be stable.  Small straw ornaments are traditional in Swedish homes.

Whether you go huge and elaborate or rustic and simple, both are beautiful.

Side Note:  For those of you who remember and returned yearly to the wonderful Marshall Field's Christmas window displays, the sad effort by Macy's this year was a huge disappointment.  Very small, little animation, no music and no wow factor.  We used to stand ten to twenty deep just to view in awe the series of windows telling a story of Christmas each year.  You would see children and adults with eyes glittering and happy smiles.  You would see the wealthy, the homeless and all of us in between enjoying this free yuletide sidewalk event.  Most of us made it an annual part of holidays.   I'm sad this Chicago tradition has ended.   

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