Friday, December 24, 2010

The Snow is Snowing

It's been snowing for about twelve hours which has made for an unusual Christmas eve day.  It's been a long time since our traditional Christmas eve activities has been snowed out.  Today was one of those days.

We've probably had over seven inches and although it's light and fluffy, no wind, and not terribly cold - it's made family afraid to take out the kiddies on this winter's eve.  The meal went back in the refrigerator, the plates and all put away.  We've rescheduled this group to Sunday.  

The other group will be here tomorrow - "Lord willing and the creek don't rise" - or better still "Lord willing and the county commissioner gets the roads plowed".  

So we quietly ate on an array of snacks I had prepared, drank a little "Sugar Plum Dessert" coffee, listened to Christmas songs and then watched a movie.  And OH - watched it snow.
Remember the year my folks headed out on Christmas eve day from Indiana.  A trip of about six hours on a good day.  At some point on Route 24, they hit snow - LOTS of snow.  One of those snows where you are in it too deep to turn around.

Once in Illinois, a snow plow hit a bump, jumped sideways and knocked them into the ditch in a big way.  During this knock, the engine became packed with snow and the car refused to start - let alone move.  The snowplow driver loaded mom and dad into the plow and took them to the nearest farm house. 

As it happened this farm family was preparing their own Christmas AND they were extremely nice people.  The farmer got out his tractor, pulled their car into his heated shed/hanger (he had a plane) and let the snow melt.  Meanwhile, the wife hosted mom even though she was prepping for family.  Finally, my folks got on their way and many hours later, arrived not too worse for wear.

Not sure these farm folks ever realized how much their kindness meant to everyone of our family.  We did thank them - but still they went above and beyond to make another person's Christmas turn out great, too.    
Isn't it nice when someone can turn an unfortunate situation into a Blessing?  A Christmas Blessing!

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