Saturday, December 25, 2010

Whoop De Daylily Hoo

This is a photo of the "2010 Stout Silver Medal" winner:  J. T. Davis
From Larry Grace and introduced in 1999  (L. Grace Photo)

It has also won the American Hemerocallis Society's:  Junior Citation 1999, Honorable Mention 2004, and Award Of Merit 2007.   

I just received my winter 2010 A.H.S. "The Daylily Journal" and the Region 2 "Daylily Newsletter".  Whoop De Dayliliy Hoo!

The Journal has the A.H.S. winners for 2010 and it's like showing a starving man an ice cream cone.  A.H.S. award winners are seldom new varieties since the award program is primarily in steps.  One thing it guarantees, by the time a daylily is awarded the "Stout Silver Medal" it is deserving in many ways. 

It is often a guarantee of consistent performance, above all else.  A good thing if you are spending money!  Typically, the top award winners at this level are not cheap.  But expensive and cheap are relative to each of us and our pocketbooks.  They won't be expensive forever because there will be new winners to take their place.

"Red Volunteer" blooming in my garden this past summer. 

You may find some daylilies in your own garden have been past award winners.  Oakes Daylilies own "Red Volunteer" was a Lenington All-American Award winner and they currently offer it for $15.00 for very large double scapes. 

This year I noticed some of the new innovations have made their way into the awards:  larger watermarks, more unusual forms and patterns, and color combinations.  If you take a moment and look at an innovative daylily hybridizer's web site, their 2011 introductions will amaze at what is being developed.  They are certainly pushing the envelop and it's exciting.

Some of the new pushes:  Very tall scapes (some over six foot), larger flowers, tooth edges, the color blue, changing the genetic make-up for more diverse and expanded probabilities, color patterns and a whole lot more. 

I've said it before and I'll probably say it every year, daylilies are the perfect plant for Midwest gardens.  Perfect for the beginner and those that don't want to spend a fortune on landscaping.  Perfect for the gardener that doesn't want to spend a lot of time gardening.   Perfect for providing color most of the summer.  Perfect for it's disease and pest resistance.  AND perfect for the gardener with a case of the incurable "Daylily Madness".      Larry & Cindy Grace "Graceland Gardens"           Oakes Daylily                  Jamie Gossard "Heavenly Gardens"                       American Hemerocallis Society (A.H.S.)

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