Monday, January 17, 2011

F Is For Forsythia

Forsythia x intermedia "Lynwood Gold"

Listening to the Lyle Lovett croon on his Cowboy Man CD.  Much like Lyle, the Forsythia is much overlooked even though it's brilliant. 

Lovett was given an award called an "Esky" for Surest Thing in Esquire's 2006 Esky Music Awards. The magazine said of Lovett: "The secret of Lyle Lovett's endurance comes down to the three C's: class, charisma and consistency.

Class, charisma and consistency describes the beautiful spring blooming Forsythia bush.  Planted in the right place, it performs as smoothly as if written by Lyle Lovett.  

It's a member of the deciduous olive family.  Dwarfs are about one foot and other varieties grow to 10 ft.  Most are dense big bushes and tend to spread.  The forsythia bush was named in honor of the royal British gardener William Forsyth who lived from 1737 to 1804.

The beauty of this bush has to be the yellow flowers that bloom in the early spring before the leaves emerge.  (They are easily forced)  The unusual:  Forsythia's flowers produce lactose (the milk sugar). Lactose is very rarely established in other natural sources except milk. 

The arching branches may be trimmed after blooming every few years and it will then rebound with more flowers.   Left to grow to potential, it is generally totally covered with flowers making a spectacular sight.

Grows in full sun to light shade and is one very tough plant.  I made the mistake of planting too close to the house/windows.  Several years of trying to tame this bush, in 2009 we decided it needed moved.  It was a huge job because it had formed a very huge root mass.  Upon (finally) digging out the entire thing, it fell into many different plants.  I now have lots of beautiful bushes in places where they can grow with abandon and bloom to they're full potential.

Planted in the right place this classy, charismatic and consistent bush will sing!  

"OOOooo, give back my heart chipkicker-red neck man, take your boots and walk out of my life.  I can't be no cowboy paradise."  Sing it Lyle!

Lyle Lovett publicity picture.

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