Friday, January 7, 2011

Orange Ya' Glad?

The old "knock - knock" joke that ends with "Orange Ya' Glad" etc. reminded me about one of the most prolific garden colors:  ORANGE!

In fact there are so many orange flowers, those who determine current design taste seldom use orange.  Sad because orange can bring a garden to life like no other color.  Many orange flowers are for sun and often survive hot dry summers like no others.

Let's suppose you want an entire bed of orange; here might be some options:

There are multitudes of shades of orange tulips.  From the deepest color to the palest peach.  Some examples:  Fosteriana Tulip Orange Emperor, Mayflowering Tulip Dordogne, and Orange Angelique Tulip.
Poppy Helen Elizabeth

Other Spring flowers:  Juanita Daffodil, Wild Carnival Daffodil, and the Amadeus Mozart Daffodil.  Others are Orange Snow Crocus, Arum italicum, Poppy Helen Elizabeth and the Orange Crown Imperial. 
Hemerocallis  Bali Hai

Hemerocallis  Barbara Mitchell

Butterfly weed 

Get into the summer months and ideas are almost endless.  Perennials could include any number of daylilies such as the two above.  Add to those Columbine, Butterfly weed, Iris China Dragon and Copper Classic.

Annuals such as Nasturtium Tropaeolum majus Alaska Mixed, Orange Glory Flower, Chrysanthemum Hannah, Canna Bengal Tiger, Marigold Flagstaff, Coneflower Echinacea Sundown Ppaf, Zinnia Zahara Double Fire.  

Some of the above plants last well into fall or you might add an orange mum or phlox.

I could list hundreds of orange flowers and maybe thousands!  To make an orange bed really stand out, add another color (just one) to give it some contrast.  A little spot of white or yellow.  An orange flower that has other shades such as yellow, green, or even a bright red.   Use both ends of the shades from the bright to pale. 

And, now you have a new idea!  Orange ya' glad I told you?

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