Friday, January 7, 2011

Places To Go - People To See

Easiest possible way to enjoy the Chicago Flower Show is the bus trip March 9, 2011, sponsored by the Henry-Stark County Master Gardeners.  Registration deadline March 1st.
(enlarge these forms by double clicking, print and return your reservations as directed)  

Great way to spend at cold January morning:  Mid-Winter Horticulture Workshop.  Bats, Bees, and Heirlooms.  Reservation deadline by January 25th.

These three photos are of California gardens that will be on the May 2011 Bringing Back The Natives garden tour.  A grand total of fifty gardens are featured for a one day free tour.  Not that many of us will just happen to be in California that day but the web sight is inspiring. 

A wonderful effort to use native plants and become less dependent on watering and chemicals.  Most of the gardens are very small and should inspire even the most tired gardener.  The trick with using natives:  the more you do the less you have to do.  Although these gardens feature native CA plants, each of us has an opportunity to use our own area's native plants in similar ways.  Think - fifty gardens in this area featuring pockets or entire gardens of natives and reduced turf grass.  California dreamin' right here.

California photos courtesy of the Bringing Back The Natives press division.


  1. Thanks for the notice re: Native Gardens.

    You ar right: once ou get over the initial hurdle of learning about natives, you find they are so easy and delightful to care for!

  2. Isn't it true, Susan, like most all gardening - we just dive in and have fun. Thanks for your note. Diane