Thursday, February 10, 2011

I Is For Iris - Plan B

This is my beautiful Iris Synergy

Another photo on a different day.

Bending over the walkway in hope I will stop by and praise!

I had a double iris whammy this week:  (1) A Schreiner's Iris Lover's Catalog and (2) an article about the Longue Vue Estate and Garden in New Orleans LA.  So much for my not writing about "I is for Iris"!

Face it, most gardeners are just starting to get hyper about Iris season.  Not that we are alone in this love - the whole Art Nouveau era was madly in love with the iris.  The Longue Vue Gardens feature the newly renovated Iris Walk.  Newly renovated because 60% of the Iris were under a foot of sludge and destroyed.  

The Iris Walk is just one of the many beautiful portions of this southern estate - now open to the public.  Next trip to New Orleans - stop by for a visit - take pictures - smell the flowers - yum!

Whether you've a large collection of iris or a few old garden favorites, they're visually and fragrantly (whens the last time you heard fragrantly?) essential for a beautiful spring garden.  Enjoy your day - dream a little of Spring and go to someplace IRIS!
This is an old Art Nourveau Iris decorative tile.

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