Wednesday, February 16, 2011

They're Everywhere!

They're Everywhere!  They're Everywhere! 

Sounds like a panic attack in a scary movie promo.  What's really on my mind is how we have created nature inspired visual arts in most every aspect of our life.  It's something we take for granted and mentally fail to acknowledge. 

Decorative art based on nature is everywhere in the public such as in architecture and great masterpieces.  Closer to home, take a moment to realize how much of your everyday interior space is decorated and patterned on what God has so masterfully designed for us.

I believe that God is the creator, but, you may believe nature's creator was "Mother Nature",  another higher being or the big bang.  Whatever a gardener's belief, we all agree beauty was created.  

Even the lover of minimal or contemporary design typically has incorporated the lines of nature if by none other than a large window framing a view of the great out doors. 

Study the trends of design throughout time and few haven't adopted a portion (and often most) of their inspiration from nature.  The Victorian and Art Nouveau periods grabbed it with a vengeance.  With a huge simplification on my part, each design period simply chose to express the use and love of all things nature in different ways.    
China, fabric, crystal, pottery, metal, books, wallpaper & paint, ceramics, lighting, and every room in the house can have nature inspired design.  Whether you are personally creative or simply admire the creations of others, realize by choosing to have nature inspired designs close to home you are gathering it's comfort and inspiration for yourself. 

I know of no serious gardener that hasn't observed a flower, tree, rock, bird, or other of nature's glories without serious awe and appreciation for the perfection.   Humans have spend centuries worshiping, imitating, and enjoying nature.  

Take a moment today to look around at the things you have gathered in your home that have been inspired by nature.  I think you'll be surprised.  Is it the gardener in you, the appreciation of beauty, the creative side of your personality, the need for the serenity of nature close to you?  Maybe one and all!
"All landscape design is an abstract or idealized imitation of nature."
- John Ormsbee Simonds (June 1967)

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