Friday, June 3, 2011

P Is For Paeonia

Here in this area, the Paeonia or Peony is blooming full guns.  (See article #10 "Beautiful at One-Hundred" for additional peony information.)

I often cut my peonies and bring them into the house.   Both of the above bouquets have a mix of other perennials.  Pink late blooming lilac on top and iris and daisies included in the bottom vase. 

The fragrant varieties will perfume an entire room for days.  I have a couple of peonies blooming for the first time (they take several years to become happy enough to bloom after transplanting).

This bloom is from Paeonia Herbaceous "Red Magic".  Although described as a double red, it has more of a pink/cranberry coloring in my yard.  It is large and fragrant.

With all the heavy rains we've had, most of my peonies are drooping from weight.  Many gardeners use peony support of one kind or another.  I never think of it until they are laying on the ground...
This is Paeonia Herbaccous "Coral Charm".  It bloomed very early and is considered a deep coral semi double.  It was winner of the American Peony Society's Gold Medal in 1986.  If you are interested in drama and not fragrance, this beauty fills that bill quite nicely.

This was given to me by my daughter, Susan, and I don't know the name.  I like to call it "fried egg" but I'm sure that unglamorous name isn't right.   Hornbaker Nursery has one called "Cheddar Charm" that looks close in description.  It has a lovely fragrance and long bloom time.  It doesn't flop because it doesn't have many petals to hold rain water.

And then there's Bitsey in her usual back porch summer relaxing mode.  She's hoping I'll stop with the peonies and bring in her favorite candy - a rose or two.  

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