Thursday, June 30, 2011

OOeee OOeee Baby

Garden walks and public garden tour events are  "heating" up - along with the temperatures and humidity. 

Here's some hints that might make your experience a little better, more comfortable and healthier.
  • Check out the forecast for the day you plan to be touring, then be prepared.
  • Some events are in the evening hours when it's a little cooler. 
  • Take a light colored umbrella to provide shade.  A small one that folds with a loop handle.
  • Don't carry - pull.  Use a wheeled small carrier for all your stuff.  Call ahead of time to see if it's allowed.
  • Drink LOTS of water.  Nothing else hydrates better than water.   Alcohol causes dehydration.
  • Have a light colored hat that allows air to circulate; loosely woven with cotton inside binding.
  • Use sunscreen and re apply.  The non greasy ones aren't as hot.  Some come with insect repellent.
garden symposium

  • Tennis shoes with white cotton socks.  Sandals with leather not plastic insides.
  • Put baby powder on after your morning shower especially in creases and where clothes bind.
  • Cotton clothes and underclothes absorb moisture.  Synthetics seldom breaths.
  • Dark colored anything absorbs heat and you'll be hotter. . 
  • Lot's of hair products lay on the scalp and your head will be hot.
  • Putting loads of cream on your body is akin to wrapping yourself in plastic wrap - it doesn't breath.
  • Fragrance intensifies when you sweat and attracts insects.
  • A large cotton handkerchief has many uses.  Draped over the back of your neck, wet and laid on top your head, wipe off sweat and clean off sticky hands.
  • Disinfectant (no water) hand wash is mostly alcohol.  Cleaning your hands with it will make them feel cooler.
  • Consider taking one of those little portable folding fans.
  • Sunglasses help protect the eyes from the glare and damage by too much sun.
  • Take a lot of breaks in the shade.
  • If the option is available, walk on soft surfaces instead of concrete. 
  • Eat regular light meals or snacks.  Relax and sit in the shade while eating.
  • Stroll instead of rushing. 
  • Understand your medications and how they react with heat and sun. 
  • The older and the younger a person is, the easier it is to be bothered by too much sun & heat.
Get out of the sun and drink lots of water if you: 
  • stop sweating
  • get a headache
  • are dizzy or weak
  • urine is dark and strong smelling
Seek first aid if you have:
  • Severe pain
  • Severe blistering
  • A headache that's very painful
  • Are confused
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Faint
  • Your existing medical condition becomes acute.
Scare you?   Hopefully, not.  Visiting and touring gardens is some of the best fun for gardeners.  Being prepared is a good way to have the day perfect from sun up to sun down. 
Photos from top to bottom:  (Evening Island at the Chicago Botanical Gardens) (Missouri Botanical Garden) (Colonial Williamsburg VA historic gardens) (Oakes 2011 Daylily Festival)  (Hollister House Garden, Washington CN). 

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