Friday, July 1, 2011

LOVE Small Towns

Being an old farm girl, I still enjoy the local County 4-H fair.  It's wholesome, it's educational, it's family and friends, and it's small town at best. 

Our local paper had a "fair" insert and it was sixteen pages.  That's more than the Wall Street Journal on a good world news day. 

Since I had again been a judge for the "Horticulture Vegetable Plants, Horticulture Vegetable Market Basket and three categories of Floriculture", I take special interest in seeing how all the projects went, pictures of the kids going to the State Fair, competitions, carnival, royality and entertainment. 

A handsome young man, the County Fair Board President was pure farm boy.  Tall and lean with a big belt buckle and farmer tan where his cap rests.  Did my heart good to see a person his age so involved in making the fair bigger and better.

It was also rewarding to see so many parents and grandparents at the judging.  Parents who are able to take an active part in helping their children in 4-H are rewarded as much as the children.

Perhaps not for every taste in the world, the local county fairs have some pretty great entertainment.  In addition to watching the 4-H and open livestock shows, there's always the rabbit and various pet shows. 

The horse shows have a little something for everyone.  4-H project horses, open class shows, miniature horses, the rodeo and harness racing. 

Tractor pulls, pie baking, cooking, hobby displays, crops, skills and more and more and so much more for a few dollars admission.  Cost of admission and the cotton candy, elephant ears and some other stuff that only tastes good if you are at a country fair!

4-H has added many interesting categories for kids and I'm happy to see them pulling families that don't have farm opportunities into the organization.

And, I'm reading along, page 15, and I now have my fun for the day:  A photo of the "Scoop the Poop" game.  I'm telling you, "I LOVE small towns!"             

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