Wednesday, July 13, 2011


"Bitsy" is a bright clear yellow daylily born on many branching scapes.  It may rebloom even in northern zones.   The foliage is thin grass like.  It has one of the longest bloom times.
I know you realize my daylily examples are from my garden and there are a blue zillion other examples in your yards, nurseries and the wild. 

It would be silly of me to write about everyone else's flowers since only when you plant, baby, love and live with a plant can you know it's personality.  And then, I only know it as it sits in my yard - not another zone, other nutritional and environmental situations, and a host of other factors.

"Raspberry Pixie" is one of those sweet little purples with a bright yellow green eye.

I hope you have some entertainment, enjoy the photos, or get ideas and information.

Today, I'll feature (in orange) some of the little tiny daylilies in my garden. 

First off, I don't think I ever intentionally bought a little daylily.  Big is beautiful - right?  If big is beautiful - then little is surely sweet. 
"Little Pumpkin Face" is almost as small as the impatiens in this pot.  At times it is more pumpkin colored than cream.  The red is bright.

I've mentioned before that the first big mother-load of plants in my current yard came from a person who newly moved into a home and was going to bulldoze the entire yard.  My daughter and I took out three pick-up loads of plants.  Among those plants was an array of little daylilies - all purple. 

"Knick Knack" is the little gold lily to the left of the large spider "Pavlova".  Knick Knack's bloom is a tube shape and bright gold.  It has short scapes and is only suitable as a stand alone or at the front of a bed.

I've never quite figured out what those purples (in my pickup) official names are - with perhaps the "Raspberry Pixie".  All are tiny and sweet.  They snuggle into areas: some as accents and backdrops - others as borders.

The smallest daylily bloom category is for lily blooms under 3 inches.  

"Little Grapette" is always an attention getter, even at it's small size.  Rather a grape juice color with a dusting of pearlization on tall scapes.

Tiny daylily plants have come to me as gifts, a friend offering divisions, and bonus plants.  I've come to enjoy all these little beauties.

Mine are all sturdy, easily increase clump size and can be divided.  Most all have low growing foliage - scapes may be short or tall. 

I hope you will enjoy a few of the tiny sweeties. 


  1. They were going to bulldoze their whole yard. Wasn’t that pretty drastic? Though I guess you have to destroy first before you can create, at least in this context. I’m really loving your selection of flowers, Diane! Would you happen to know the name of a red and white flower that only blooms in the morning? My wife has some on our front yard, and she doesn’t even know what it is. Haha! All she knows is that it looks beautiful.

    Beau Proctor

  2. Beau, I'd have to see a picture to venture a guess on your wife's red and white flower. Could it be a morning glory?