Sunday, July 3, 2011

R Is For Red

There's so much to say about the color RED:

The color red is an intense color that reflects heightened emotions and senses.  When viewed, it enhances the metabolism, increases respiration rate and raises blood pressure.  "I'm seeing red." is an expression of anger. 

Because it is highly visible, it is used as a warning on stop signs and lights.  It brings a word or item to the foreground.  A "Code Red" is emergency language for someones heart stopped although that code has been adopted for other emergencies, too.

Red indicates courage and it's why it's in many national flags.  Red flowers at patriotic events symbolize valor.

Red stimulates people to make quick decisions and is used in the marketing world for that very purpose.  Check out the next time you see an advertisement in red - it is deliberate and could be a "red herring".
Red is used in literature, music and advertising to suggest erotic and passionate:  red-light district, "Lady In Red", The Scarlett Letter, red lipstick, and "paint the town red." 

Red is marketed as high energy:  race cars, energy drinks, games, sports, etc.

Certain races of humans were considered "red":  Ancient Egyptians and Native Americans.

A red front door in Colonial times meant "welcome" as well as in Feng Shui.  Red on the doors in Biblical times symbolized Christ's blood and evil would pass you by.

~ Red in the Garden~

Valentine's Day and red flowers are a given.  The red rose, thanks in part to the florist industry, is know as the universal flower of love. In addition to the rose, a red carnation or tulip signifies "love".  A red carnation marks a couple's first anniversary and is the flower for January births.

Veterans of Foreign Wars members and American Legion Auxiliary volunteers distribute paper red poppies in exchange for contributions to assist disabled and hospitalized American veterans.  The red poppy is used to symbolize blood shed on the fields of battle (Originally WWI in France).

All seasons have vegetation in the color red.  Our beautiful spring tulips, the daylilies of summer, maple tree leaves of fall and the stems of the Red Twig Dogwood in the winter are examples.

Red may be used in the garden in much the same ways as the rest of the red culture.  It evokes passion, love, highlights and adds a punch. 

A bouquet of red flowers, a glass of red wine, a pair of red flip flops, some red sunshine, and by golly we're sliding summer into love.   

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