Friday, July 8, 2011

My Pretty

Here's a few of the beautiful daylilies blooming in my garden right now.  I like to head outside early before it heats up too much.  Deadheading, taking pictures and trying to put a few thousand Japanese Beetles into baggies. 
Have you ever noticed you have more pictures of a certain few daylilies?  They are the ones that stop you in dead in your tracks and elicit an "ooooooooOOOOOO" - every time.
Sometimes it's the color, or form, or a memory.  Even if you are in an actual daylily field when you purchase a plant, it may be a disappointment in your own garden.  Then - you take a chance on a new daylily and it is so much more lovely than you had hoped, you do your garden dance.
Some daylilies have good years and bad years.  Some only look good after they've been blooming a week.  A few don't hold up well in the sun, or wind, or rain. 
Others take a few years to get settled and then become a "wowzer".  Some take their time opening in the morning and a few hold their blooms well into darkness.  The descriptions of some lilies don't hold true in my garden and it can be highly disappointing or an unexpect beauty. 
Another group of lilies I've put in the wrong place - bad combination of colors, too short for the 2nd row, too intricate to stand out next to other lilies, etc.
I encourage you to take photos to record the performance of your lilies.  It's an amazing comparison through the years.  By recording the differences each year (date of first bloom, kind of winter, amount of rain, issues),  it puts the current year's performance into perspective.  For example, this spring was very wet and the winter held a deep snow cover = one of the best daylily shows ever.
  The photos are daylilies blooming for the first time in my gardens - Top to Bottom:  Blushing Summer Valentine ~  Chester Cyclone ~ Dad's Best White ~ Decatur Gentleman ~ Fly Catcher ~ Spiritual Corridor ~ Myth and Magic ~ Double Daffy.   Enlarge the photo by clicking on my pretties.    

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