Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Art of Your Situation

Find it difficult to figure out your garden style?  An easy way to figure it out is to visit an art museum.  If you figure out what style of painting automatically appeals to you, it's a huge inspiration on your garden style.

The painting, drawing, or sculpture causing you to smile or stand and absorb is the same style that will produce that feeling in your garden.

Most large cities have excellent art museums.  One of my favorites is the Chicago Art Institute.  So close and so packed full of wonderful inspiration. 

I'll put a few examples of visual art in this article and see if any draws you to the style.  You really must go to a gallery to open yourself to the vast array of styles and color.  The old masters and the new can be just what you need to inspire and transform.

Vincent Van Gogh "Flowering Garden with Path"

Rembrandt Van Rijn
Pablo Picasso "Woman Flower"
Henry Matisse "Composition Fond Bleu"
Claude Monet "Garden Path at Giverny"
S. OKADA "Japan Garden"
Wassily Kandinsky "Farbstudie Quadrate"
Betty I. Shenk "Birch Trees"
Have some fun at an art show or museum and do a visual garden take away. 


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