Friday, December 21, 2012

Winter Solstace

The Winter Solstice today at our house is more like winter stuff and such.

Starting yesterday, we had our first major snow storm of the winter.  Started with rain, freezing rain, sleet, large wet snow flakes and then a blizzard with 40 mph winds.  It was beautiful and today it is still beautiful. 

The other side of the coin is the roads are really awful since the temperature dropped from 45 yesterday to 10 this morning.  Right now it's 22 and dropping again.  The ice melt isn't working because it's so cold.  The plows are having a tough go of it because the snow is so heavy and the drifts so deep.

It's been awhile since I've seen one lane roads banked with packed snow.  Some roads were closed because there were so many stuck, stalled or wreaked vehicles blocking the path. 

Lots of power outages from the heavy stuff on lines and trees coupled with the strong winds.  Our linemen and road crews have been busy in pretty awful conditions.  Ten of the Ameren folks were trapped in Monmouth last night because all roads leading back to Galesburg were closed and impassable.  The Monmouth Fire Department was kind enough to host them for the night. And another reason to love a fireman!

The garden side of the coin is most evergreens are laboring under a frozen layer of ice and snow.  Branches touch the ground and tops bent over.  It's impossible to dislodge this mess because it is frozen to the tree and beating it would damage it more.  It'll be a wait and see situation.

The birds are loving the sunflower seeds and I'm loving seeing them.  Each with their own habits and personalities.  Right now I'm looking at a female cardinal, Morning Dove, House Finch, Goldfinch and various sparrows.  Busy Busy Busy.

I've used this stay at home time to bake Christmas goodies.  Some tried and true and a few new.  One new will now become bird feed as they are so hard a three day dunk in hot coffee doesn't soften them.  Hate it when that happens.

As you or your family travel this Christmas season, we pray for safe trips and joyous reunions. 


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