Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Garden Bucket List

There's not a lot of difference between my "bucket list" and the "no chance in hell list", but, I'm going to give it a go anyway.  Does that mean I'm a pessimist or do I put impossible to accomplish things on my list?  Should a bucket list only contain things we can be assured of accomplishing or should shooting for the moon be included?  Does it include things we want as well as things we want to accomplish?  Am I over analyzing?  OK, probably...

Bucket List

  • Ride the Orient Express.
  • Have all my sidewalks cemented.
  • Explore Alaska.
  • Have a weedless lawn.
  • All grandchildren healthy and productive.
  • Throw one more large garden party with other people doing the hard work.
  • Have a cleaning person come in once a week.
  • Have a yard person pull weeds once a week.
  • Have my home's wallpaper removed and the walls re plastered and painted.
  • Leisurely do family tree research in Switzerland, Germany, Pennsylvania and Ohio. 

Yes, I've reached the age where my bucket list isn't as much about me doing things as having others doing for me.  Maybe my list of things I want to do is small because I have no imagination or maybe its because I've been blessed with already accomplishing many things one would consider bucket list items.  Or, some things I consider personal enough to be a goal and not a list.   

I also weigh in the hassle portion versus the pleasure.  This almost eliminated the cement walk item.  We've had some really excellent contractors during our home remodeling experience.  A few horror experiences happened but most are only a funny story today.  Not all but most.

As I reviewed my list, I realize all but one involves an outlay of considerable cash.  So much for memorizing the entire library or competing in the tough woman contest...

What's on your Bucket List?  Does it change with the years?  Have you eliminated items because they have been accomplished?

Starting with my next blog article, I'll take a walk down our big bucket list item:  A house in the country.

Until then - keep dreaming.

Note: It's been one of those days when the blog site doesn't work right...  Among other things, I can't insert photos.  Sorry - maybe tomorrow will be a working day for blogspot.  


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