Thursday, January 31, 2013

Stevia My Sweet

Fragment Library: Shared: Product FragmentsI raised the herb Stevia a few years ago (see my article "Seriously Sweet" about Stevia - on the side bar listing labels #459).  I'm wanting to curb my use of refined white sugar because I tend to over indulge to the point of stupid.  Refined white sugar turns into carbs and for me it turns into high HDL. 

I knew these things and like any person who over indulges, I thought I was exempt from the negative results.  Wrong-O. 

As I was in Cornucopia health food store in Galesburg yesterday, I saw Stevia products.  Since one of the difficulties I have is the craving for the flavors of candy (my weakness), I was happy to see the Better Stevia (made at the NOW FOODS company in Bloomington IL) had a little bottle of Dark Chocolate liquid extract with it's own little stopper.  Oh! Be still my beating heart!

Since Stevia is so incredibly sweet, the little eye dropper is perfect to measure and not over add which would totally ruin a good thing. 

A cup of coffee or tea after a meal with a few drops of this extract will solve the craving, has zero calories, fat, sodium, carbs/sugars and no nutritional benefits.  EXCEPT:  it will help me with my reduction of refined sugar.  A win in my book.

Not exactly an inexpensive substitute ($11 for 2 fluid ounces) but it has 460 servings per container.  Did I fail to make you understand just how very sweet Stevia is?  If I compare the cost of this bottle with the bags of jelly beans I've bought in the past; suffice it to say I'm coming out ahead on the money angle.

Stevia is on my list for plants this spring.  It was a good addition in the past and I think I'll need this little sunflower family herb more in the future.  For now, I'm happy with this purchase.  I may just have to get the other flavors:  hazelnut, lemon or French vanilla. 

Note:  As with all natural health food products used for human consumption: do your research, ask your doctor if it's safe for you to use if you're currently under medical supervision or taking prescription medicines. 


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