Wednesday, January 2, 2013

It's a Doo Hickey

Websters:  doo hickey is a noun for dingus; thingumbob; gadget.

Do Hickey plant tags.
I use an actual doo hickey  for my daylily plant tags.  I like them because they are sturdy, I can reuse them, and they seldom get swept out with the rake.  I buy the stakes and tags from supplier:

I've tried numerous kinds - most never to be seen the next spring.  If you want a plant tag to last through the years, go with metal, a profile that won't get caught in rake tines and tall enough to read without laying on the ground.

Things that have not worked for me:  Venetian blind slats (come out too easy), wood sucker sticks (degrade), and painted rocks (grandchildren move.)

I saw some chain link fence connectors the other day at Menards made of twisted metal with a loop at the top.  They were about 3 ft. tall and would make an excellent plant tag holder if you want more height.  

I've copied some crafted examples and some available through retail.  Many are for small gardens or potted plants.  Some are simply fun projects.

This one can be found in most stores. 

Burpee offers a plastic envelop where you can
insert the seed packet.

Corks on sticks.
Corks on forks.

Painted wooden spoons.
Painted old silver.

Made from Pringle lids.
Carved sticks are certainly earth friendly.

Plastic spoons with glued on photos.

Silver spoons flattened and punch stamped.

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