Thursday, October 10, 2013

Pumpkin Pumpkin Who's Got the Pumpkin?

The net is filled with pumpkins carved, painted, decorated, cooked and smashed.  They are orange, white, green, yellow and mixed.  Some are smooth, dimpled, pimpled, round, long and curved.  There are directions for the most avid DYIer and simple enough for little Timmy.  Solutions to preserve, protect and prolong.

The period from Halloween to Thanksgiving 
is a pumpkin lovers dream.  
Shall we begin our little road trip down pumpkin lane?

The nuts and bolts of pumpkin decorating is in the eye of
 the beholder and often reflects their passions.
Most miniature gardens need a little uplifting 
this time of the year and a pumpkin 
garden is guaranteed to compost right about the first frost.
 This pumpkin is obviously a vegan.  
Our grandson at Tanners Orchard; cute little pumpkin!
As the sun sets in the west, I bid you a fond goodnight.

Side Note:  If you want to check out more pumpkin ideas, see the three posts "Decorating Pumpkins" 619-620-621 listed at the right side of the blog.  

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