Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Walk on the Wild Side

Walking down our country road can get pretty boring this time of the year.  Lots of beans and corn and not many flowers.  Yesterday I decided to take my camera and (no surprise) there are many things worth photographing.  Here are a few:

Corn field and beautiful fall sky.

Neighbor's barn and crib

Harvest sky

Probably the "Small-flowered White Aster.  There are many different kinds/names
and this particular one is "EVERYWHERE" this summer.  

Ivy-leaved Morning Glory (considered a troublesome weed in farm fields)

What we call "Willy worms" - others call them "Wooly worms."

Praying Mantis indignant because I shooed him off the road.  My husband
thought perhaps he had designs on the other side of the road.  

I think this is the caterpillar of the White-lined Sphinx moth although
photos in my reference books and on line have differing descriptions.  At any rate, we've had
several Sphinx moths in the flower beds in early evening and we've enjoyed them greatly.

Soybeans almost ready to combine.

Farmstead with windmills on the horizon

Old well on former township school property;
down the road from our house.

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