Sunday, November 24, 2013

Dreaming of a White Christmas

Because I'm a bit of a weather freak and because a really good snow storm is probably my favorite weather extraviganza and because I want to. . . 

Here's the Historical probability of a white Christmas in the U.S.  We're rather on the edge of the 25%-40% and 40%-50% which means I'm about half hopeful.  Or if I get up in the morning and it's windy, the sky has rolling dark clouds and its cold, I can push my optimism up to about 75%.  

It's why I annoy my neighbors with outside Christmas lights up early and burning into February.  I want to make sure I can enjoy twinkling lights every single time it snows.   I want picture postcards out my windows.  

I'm on my blue light kick these past few years having moved from the white twinkle lights phase which was after the multi colored big honkin' expensive to run lights.  Not to say I've matured past any of the phases because I can drive past someone else's highly decorated home and enjoy all their efforts just as well as my own current decor.

Contrary to speculation, I don't think over-the-top Christmas decorations take away one bit from the true meaning of Christmas.  I'm totally capable of keeping them in separate places in my brain - thank you very much.  Now, back to snow:

We "Christmas Snow" lovers can remember every white Christmas as if it was yesterday and manage to push the warm dull brown Christmases to the back of the memory chip.  

I remember one Christmas (yes you knew it was time for a I remember when story) when the kids were still at home but close to leaving.  They were at an age when anything but being home held appeal.  We always had my Indiana family drive out at Christmas every year and looked forward to their company.  That year, it snowed so much they couldn't get here and we couldn't get out.  This forced and unusual weather brought about an almost magical time where we were transported into a story book or a beautiful Christmas card.  

Since there was nothing pulling at any of us, we simply enjoyed the sweetness of Christmas.  That was the last year everyone lived under the same roof all the time and it's certainly a Christmas I cherish.  

Using the tractor to pull them up the hills
There were many other wonderful Christmases and many other snows.  And now we have grandchildren, there's a new layer of wonder added to our celebration.  We do always hope the big Christmas snow will be on the years there's been soybeans on the hills around our house.  It makes perfect sledding.  (In the years where there's corn, it would be like falling on a sword!)

Snow flurries predicted for tomorrow - it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas - I'm 50% sure!   

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