Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Colors of November 1, 2013

Top:  Euonymus alatus "Burning Bush" considered invasive in
some areas of Illinois but always a beautiful fall foliage bush.
Bottom:Acer saccharin "Marsh" is native to North America.
 This tough tree will grow to 80 feet of golden beauty. 
Top:  Cornus florida "Cherokee Chief" Dogwood.
Native to North America, this small tree has lovely red leaves each fall.
Bottom:  Acer x freemanii "Autumn Blaze" was hybridized in Batavia Illinois.
 It's a combo of a red maple and silver maple.
Top:  Elberta Peach, standard turns a lovely golden yellow in the fall.
Bottom:  Acer rubrun "Franksred" is a Japanese red maple native to North America.
It glows this time of the year.
Beat down with rain, the leaves remain lovely.
Even the little creeping charlie leaf wanted attention.
For every walnut left on a tree, there are thousands on the ground.
Walking is like skating on marbles this year.

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