Tuesday, February 17, 2015

2015 Spring and Summer Color Trends

Metallic Green Thistle
BEHR Color Trend report for 2015 has a huge dollop of teal and purple.  They throw in accent colors of orange, chartreuse and a dark soft red berry.  What does this mean for gardeners?  Nurseries tend to grab the new color trends each year for their offerings of garden flowers.

If you're an interior decorating fan or shop home furnishing stores, teal is everywhere.  Same goes with the colors of new spring clothes.    

With garden plants, purple is pretty easy to find (as are the accent colors.)  Finding teal plants will be almost impossible.  

Silk lanterns
There are a few plants described as teal but in reality they are more another shade of blue.  Florists have generated teal flowers because the wedding industry is demanding this year's Color Trend.  They are mostly white flowers that take up a teal die.  There's also an abundance of silk flowers in this color.

So here's some teal ideas for your outdoor spaces:

Pots, vases, water features
Pillows, curtains, rugs, cushions, table cloths
Statuettes, stepping stones or other decorative hard items

And my favorite:


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