Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day 2015

Garden flowers for a housewarming gift 
Because I woke up crazy early on this Valentine's Day, I thought I'd post some pictures I've taken of  vases with beautiful garden flowers.  On this cold (22 degrees) windy and dark morning, hopefully this will be a little pick-me-up for us both.  That and a cup of hazelnut coffee and thick warm socks...

As a reminder:  click on one photo and you can easily slide through close up photos for a almost near experience.

Fragrant bouquet
Spring cutting.
Lilac and peony arrangement
Roses from the garden
Fall mums
A paperwhite alongside my 2015 valentine tulips
Sometimes little is better
Roses fresh from the vine.
A simple lily and greens are perfect
A single clematis
Sometimes simple works

One of my favorites

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