Thursday, April 30, 2015

Do it NOW

Crab apple

Crab apple

Ornamental Plum

Red Bud

If you live in this part of the Midwest, get in your car in the next couple of days and take a drive.  Why?  Because this is the year that all the spring flowering trees are perfect.  No late frosts, no huge ice and wind storms and just the right amount of spring.

BUT we are expecting several days of rain, possible thunderstorms, and the trees will surely loose most of their petals.  This is a car trip you can't put off until the weekend.

No need to drive hundreds of miles, simply take a trip down any street or county road (even the interstates are beautiful in places.)

If you ever wondered why anyone would plant a crab apple tree, this year is your answer.  They are stunning.  From light pink through all shades until a brilliant mulberry pink.

Stack the kids or neighbors or granny or friends in the car and share this summer's beauty AND leave the electronics at home.  Tulips are at their height of bloom, lilacs are just starting to bloom and then those lovely apple, cherry, plum and other spring blooming ornamentals.

Birds are excited and are more interested in building nests and mating than hiding.  Take along a camera, binoculars, bird books, crayons/paper for the kids to copy the beauty and maybe even a P&J sandwich and have supper on the road.  

Go! Tonight!  Seriously!  Tonight!

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