Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Garden Work Gloves

In my garden article "Garden Gloves #295", I did a review of garden gloves and now for the BEST of the BEST garden gloves.

I have a pair of "ironclad" cold conditon CCG windproof and waterproof gloves that I've been using for three years.  Check out their web site at IRONCLAD Performance wear.  

I don't remember where I bought them but it was probably at one of our local farm stores.  

I got them for winter outside work and then one day grabbed them for some tough summer hand gardening.  (Sometimes accidental happenings are the best!)

Although these gloves are made for cold weather they aren't really any hotter to wear than any other heavy duty summer garden glove.  In fact, the things designed for cold weather are some of the things that make them work for gardening:

They are lined in a soft fleece which means it absorbs sweat and doesn't rub sores.  The wrist is longer and double lined with a soft material.  The palm and palm side fingers are leather and applied so the fingers can bend easily.  The tips are also leather coated.  The back is a stretchy fabric and the knuckles are reinforced.  Three years and not one hole.  It has a snap and a loop on the top where you "could" attach them to your sleeves if you tend to lay them down and loose.  I machine wash and lay flat to dry.  The leather doesn't get stiff or break.

They are amazingly comfortable and flexible.  Meaning if they fit you, you can work almost as well with them on as bare handed.  

These gloves are not particularly cheap but they work perfectly and have lasted a long time which pretty much makes them much cheaper than any other cheap or expensive glove I've ever used in my gardens.  (priced around $40-50)

No I'm not being paid to endorse this product - I'm just telling you it works for me.  The photos are from ironclad's web site and they are the 2015 model.  They have lighter weight gloves but not sure if they would please me as much as these beauties.        

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