Saturday, April 11, 2015

One More for the Road

With people more aware of the dangers of drinking and driving, the "One more for the road!" isn't heard anymore.  But to use the phrase outside the alcohol scene, here's one more tornado story my kids reminded me I didn't mention:

We lived in a time and place where young families often went places together.  On this late summer afternoon, we were loading the car to meet friends at a local Pizza Hut.  I had Trent and Susan in the car and was walking out the door to join them when I looked over Windmont Park (Kewanee) and saw a door flying through the air.

The kids in the front room of that house about
the same era as the story.  They are pictured with their
Great Grandma.  I smile when I think how cute they were
and the oh so fashionable clothes I made them wear.
I was told this, but do not remember:  I started yelling "Tornado"  "Tornado", we ran for the kids, whipped their young grade school behinds out of the car and ran down the basement steps.  I remember holding onto one of their arms while doing this and Trent remembers his feet never touched the ground all the way down.  Amazing what a little adrenaline will do!

This was a time when kids played outside in the neighborhood until a mother either "yelled for them to come home" or it got dark.  The neighbors told us afterward they knew there was a tornado because they heard me yelling "Tornado"!  OK, so I'm capable of being as loud as a tornado siren.  No surprise for my kids I'm sure.

The door came from Ted and Penny Vlahos' home north of the park.  Thankfully, they weren't hurt during the tornado.  We didn't get hurt nor have any damage to our home.

Yes, we are into tornado season in the Midwest and are sadly reminded after this week's deadly tornado in Fairdale Illinois.  Praying for those families, those helping and the recovery efforts along the paths of all the tornados that day.  

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