Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Loving a Hottie!

I've always thought I ONLY liked a serene garden setting:  Soft colors.  Tranquil scenes.  Balanced.  Serenity.  Cool.  

Little by little bright color has crept into my gardens and it started with chartreuse.  This year I let my inner hottie shine and went all out for bright and crazy annuals.  Maybe I just needed the fun.  Here are some of the new annuals and a few of the perennials I've added over the years.

Petunia "Crazytunia Mandeville" paired
with a white "Prism Sunshine"

Can't wait for these two hoties to spread:  Petunia "Glow Forest Fire"
and "Cascadias Indian Summer"

Daylily "Corryton Pink"

Daylily "Chicago Star"

Daylily "Dorothy Lambert"

Daylily "Orange Vols"

Daylily "Fly Catcher"

Peony "Red Magic"

Posting to this is always an effort in constraint - I would post thousands if it wouldn't be overly hottie!  And, we don't want an overly hottie in the morning.


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