Sunday, May 31, 2015

Rotating Beauty

Tall bearded iris "Quaker Lady" is an
heirloom.  Introduced in 1909.

Tall bearded iris "Raspberry Wine" has been moved several
times over the years because I kept planting it in the wrong
spot.  This year, in full sun, it went crazy healthy.
The iris are beginning to phase out as the peonies phase in.  It's the beauty and fun of succession planting.  It's been a good year for iris because of no brutal winter, no late cold weather and just the right amount of rain.  Doing a Sunday morning look at some of the beautiful iris from this spring.

I call this "Tiny French Iris" but it's real name
is lost to me. It always performs and looks glowing
against this golden bush.

A historic tall bearded iris "Wabash" is always
hardy and stunning.

Intermediate bearded bitone "Red Zinger" is very hardy
as seen here after a strong rain.

Tall bearded iris "Celebration Song" almost got lost this
summer when strong winds blew it over into ornamental grass.
Tall bearded iris "Pink Horizon" is a stunning
color especially against this blue clematis.

A white Dutch iris of unknown variety;
purchased from a big box store years ago.
Tall bearded "Lacy Snowflake" glows across the yard.

Border bearded iris "Batik" is a strong performer
and an attention grabber.
Tall bearded heirloom iris "Gracchus" is a small iris but
super hardy.

There are others that bloomed and are beautiful but I've left them off here today because they are more common.  These common ones are good performers and either historic or heirlooms and easy to see why they do so well.  So glad they're in my gardens.

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