Saturday, August 13, 2016

Etc. Etc. and Etc.

Gardeners and Pinterest go together like a love and marriage - on days when you're not actually in your gardens - or - putting up produce you picked from your gardens - or - looking at garden catalogs - or - in a nursery and garden stores - or - touring another person's garden - or - etc. etc. and etc.

Pinterest can be a colossal time eater  - or - it can give you ideas.  I have my  "- or -" fingers going today!

The trick on Pinterest is to stay focused and if you have even a little bit of attention issues that can be difficult.  The "OH LOOK IT SPARKLES!" can transfer over into "OH LOOK AT THAT FLOWER!"

Unless you're up at 3 am and can't go back to sleep, making a plan of what you want to see on Pinterest before you enter the site helps with the focusing.  Today I wanted to see old tree stumps made into flower pots.  I found quite a few beauties:  

All of these are from Pinterest.  I've tried to show stumps that are still in the ground and not just cut logs.  BUT you could look at whatever tickles your fancy.

Most stumps made into flower pots won't last a lifetime because eventually they will rot and fall apart.  Essentially if a tree has been taken down (or came down) it had health issues.  Granted a few were taken down because of other reasons but most have part of the middle gone.  And that's where the pot of flowers will go.  
My new stump fairy garden house aka the old walnut
My first stump flower pot was an old hallow maple we took down in the front yard.  It last two years but was so lovely for those two years.

Unless the tree is taken down because it's totally in the way, and then we cut it down to ground level, I leave some portion of the tree to do "something" with later.  I've used them for a flower pot, fairy garden house, bottle tree, to top with a bird house or bird feeder and etc. etc. and etc.

Using tree stumps for any of the above and more is a mind shift for most foresters and non-gardening spouses, "Get it gone and get it cleaned up!"  It took a bit of convincing in the beginning but now it's down to simple eye rolls.

There's a tall tree stump at our local motel and I would love to put bird houses on each little branch stump - it needs them!  But, perhaps they need to do their own Pinterest searching etc. etc. and etc.


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