Thursday, August 25, 2016

Went to the Danger Zone

American Robin babies
Earlier this summer I posted a picture of the misguided mother American Robin who had built a nest in the cedar tree near our door.  Not only near the door but over the sidewalk, close to where the cats roamed, head high, close to the kiddy pool and altogether in a very dangerous place to raise little ones.

Although she would fly away and chatter at us if there was too much activity, she managed to raise two little babies to adulthood.  All three eventually left for life on the wing.  It was happy ever after in spite of my misgivings.

Mother Mourning Dove
About a week later, a mother Mourning Dove built a nest about a foot from the old robin's nest.  Seriously birds let's get a grip!  We live in the country where there is lots of room and trees and you two make your nests in the most traveled area around our home.  

On top of that, Dove nests are a few grasses and sticks laid down flat without the benefit of the robin's sturdy large cupped nest.  For better or worse, the Dove isn't concerned and never leaves her nest out of fear.  She will watch us but that's about the extent of her caution.  Here's hoping for continued success in our danger zone.

On other nesting news:

  • We have Gray Catbirds nesting in the large batch of Zebra Grass.
  • Northern Cardinals nesting in the arborvitae and in the briars in the woods.  
  • Brown Thrashers in the evergreen wind break.
  • House Wrens are through with their parenthood for the summer and are off chattering to others.
  • Ruby-throated Hummingbirds in some secret location I've not detected.
  • Great Horned Owls in the woods.
  • Orchard Orioles tend to stay near my huge trumpet vine.
  • An array of sparrows, finches and other beauties.  

There's been very little bird killing by predators but living on the wild side of nature is always in the danger zone.

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