Saturday, August 27, 2016

For Sale By Owner

No I'm not all about advertising places for sale on here but thought you might be interested in this beauty:

The Altona, Illinois, Amber Jar Antique Co., 101 N. Depot St. is for sale by owner.  I didn't ask Sue what they want for it or any of the particulars - you would need to call or visit for those.  

This was from the Village's "for sale or rent" web site:  

"The Village Store was built by Cyrus Willard and J.S. Chamber in 1853.  The store was the first building erected in Altona, and was the only store between Galesburg and Kewanee.  This store is still in operation today under the name of Amber Jar Antiques."

There was an article in the Galesburg Registered Mail when the building was renovated for the antique shop but I wasn't able to find the link.

Just from my visiting the store:  They use the main floor of both the two story and one story buildings for the shop (connected by a door.)  There is a small lavatory and a small kitchenette at the back of the main floor.  No idea what's on the second floor or if there's a basement.  It appears in good shape and maintained.  Sue did tell me she currently had some people looking but no one has cinched a deal.   They have a Facebook page if you'd like to see more:  

There are at least three antique shops in Altona, making it a bit of a antiquing destination.  Walnut Creek Mercantile, 115 S. Depot.  (Primitive and handmade items) is a nice shop.

  The old shop at 101 S. Depot is for sale but might be in disrepair if I've understood the village council minutes correctly.  Not sure if it's ever actually open for business anymore although the sign indicates it is.  

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