Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Garden Things To Do In June 2010

A few garden things going on:

  • Hornbaker Gardens Open House, Princeton IL (address on web site) June 10-11-12. Typically, they feature discounts on some items for attendees.
  • David Davis Home Tour and the 14th Annual Glorious Garden Festival Garden Walk, Bloomington IL (see my 5-2-2010 article) June 18-19. 309-828-1084
  • Sponsored by the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Bradley University (309-677-2523): Photography Experience II: Luthy Botanical Garden with experts Ray Keithley and Barb Hoffman. June 11-18. Cost is $29 and includes a breakfast buffet, admission to Luthy, transportation and supplies.
  • Plant propagation Workshop by Master Gardener and Hoerr Nursery Horticulturist, Ella Maxwell June 21 (free) - 6 p.m. MG Philip Adams will discuss growing hydrangeas at 10 a.m. July 24 and MG Sunita Shastry will discuss growing and using herbs at 10 a.m. Aug. 21. All in the demonstration garden on ICC's East Peoria campus. (309-282-6310 or 309 282 6310).
  • Princeville Garden Club garden walk June 19 from 9 to 2 rain or shine. 309-385-4590 or 309 657 3495 for more info.
  • Rock island Co. extension will be hosting garden classes from June 9 through Aug. 25. Check site for info. (registration and info
Many nurseries are already marking down the prices of some plants. It's not too late to plant annuals or perennials.

And I've mentioned before, but it is the time of the year for garden walks so a repeat is in order:

  1. Stay only on the paths marked for foot traffic.
  2. Do not throw money in ponds; this isn't a movie.
  3. Don't feed fish or animals without permission.
  4. Many places won't allow baby strollers.
  5. Take your own water, a sun hat, fan and comfortable shoes.
  6. Many walks will still be held in the rain - take an umbrella and boots.
  7. Never pick anything - plants, flowers, fruits or seeds.
  8. Do not critique others' efforts while on tour. It's hurtful and rude.
  9. Thank the host and those working the event - it takes a lot of work.
  10. Take a notepad and pencil to write down things that you want to remember.
  11. Ask for permission before you take pictures.
  12. Do not stay in a garden past the end time.
  13. Ask polite questions and engage in conversation with the hosts if they indicate they are willing. But, don't ask the hosts or helpers to explain in detail everything in the garden nor ask them to name every plant. You are not their only guest and they are not a paid instructor.
  14. Being in some one's garden is like being in their home - respect and manners are important.
  15. Don't ask to go inside their home or use their private bathroom facilities. It's a tour not a party.

Today is beautiful - humid and my thermometer in the sun is reading 105.0 degrees. Yes, there's a reason I'm inside right now. I was weeding and became so hot rivers of sweat were running down my sunglasses. After several weeks being gone on vacation, weeding has been an everyday task (except during storms).

An old Farmers' Almanac quote, "Give some weeds an inch, and they'll take a yard."

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