Thursday, June 17, 2010

June in Rainville

Daylily "Susie Wong"

Had to post a portion of Anthony Peoples "Weather or Not" Blog for the remainder of this week:

"...While there will be a daily chance of showers and thunderstorms for the remainder of this week, into the weekend, and even into early next week, we’ll see several dry hours each day, too.

The unfortunate news is that with all of the tropical moisture in place, any storms that develop could drop copious amounts of rain, which is the last thing we need.

Severe weather is also possible with these storms. Damaging winds will be the biggest threat, but large hail and tornadoes are also possible..."

"Copious" - not a good thing when referring to more rain in this rain-soaked Midwest!

__________________Other Things_______________

Oakes Daylilies has a great page on their 2010 Photo Contest plus tips on photographing daylilies. My daylilies are pretty awesome this year but beginning to show signs of too much rain plus earwigs are finding the petals especially tasty. Earwigs are another wet weather problem.

Earwig damage to the petals of a daylily. Usually, they wiggle into the prior day's bud and the damage is done by the time the flower opens the next day.

This past Monday evening, I was asked if I was having trouble with slugs because of all the rain. I bragged (yes, I bragged) that in the fourteen years I've lived at this home I've never had one slug. Never - Never brag... Yesterday, I found a slug which means I have SLUGS!

  • Some people sink a saucer of beer into the ground near plants being bothered by slugs. They are attracted to the beer and fall in and drown. Since I have two dogs that will slurp up most anything, I'm sure the beer isn't the solution I can use.
  • Another method, which requires a strong constitution, is go out early or late with a flashlight and a pair of scissors. Cut them in half and let them fall.
    The problem with most all commercial insect applications is they come off when it rains. With our weather, it would cost a fortune with little results.
_____________And then_____________
Now is the beginning of the perfect time to host a garden party or tea. Different than a potluck or Bar-B-Q, in that it's usually in the afternoon and is mostly about enjoying the beautiful garden and outdoors. Cucumber or tomato sandwiches, lemonade and iced tea, and cookies are the easy servings. Straw garden hats are a must. A good way to spend a day with friends with not so much work and plenty of fun.

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