Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sloshing and Slogging

Another day - Another rain storm

After trying to keep a positive attitude about the quantity of rain we've had this month, I've about lost my positive to the sloshing and slogging we've had to do lately.

1.50 inches in about fifteen minutes = flooding. I don't remember the last slow gentle rain; they've all been fast, hard and lots. The proverbial "downpour".

There's not much more a gardener can do about any negative flooding symptoms to plants than the farmer can do about the crops. It's an opportunity to sit around the coffee shop and talk about the weather. Which reminds me:

I've often mentioned I was born and raised in the middle of Indiana farm land. Most all of my friends and relatives (while growing up) were also farm people. To this day, no phone call, no casual meeting, no visit doesn't start with, "How's the weather over there?" Then a good fifteen minutes is spent trading weather data back and forth. And being good farmers, it is usually peppered with the dire consequences upon the fate of farming, how hard it is to stay farming and if the Republicans were just back in office...

I may be joking a bit, but, I also find it comforting to do what I call the "weather bonding" with family and friends. Sooooo, I guess I can just look at this mess of spongy soil and floating flowers as a new topic to share. No use crying over sloshing and slogging I can't prevent.


  1. I don't even have all of mine in the ground. Don't know which is worse-seeing them soggy in the ground or withering in the little pots. Oh, and my garden isn't planted except for tomatoes.
    Guess I'll check into the farmers markets this year.

  2. I put a daylily in the ground today (between rains) knowing the soil I was putting in the hole was like sticky dough and will prob. dry like cement but the plant was turning all yellow. Maybe tomorrow on your little potted plants. Diane