Saturday, June 12, 2010

Things To Do - Places to Be

Fun in the sun and perhaps some rain but that's why umbrellas were invented!

Please notice some of these are for my Illinois readers and others for my Indiana readers.

The Galva Arts Council (IL) annual Photo Show is July 4, 2010. Whether you enter your photos or come to look and enjoy, it's a good time. This year's theme is "Outdoor skills and creativity of photographers."

Notice of the Summer Garden series of Teleconference classes at the U of Illinois Extension office. Be sure to call the extension office for reservations and to make sure of the location. These are always good series and presented by the experts.

These notifications are from the Indiana Soil, Water and Conservation District.
Also, note the "save these dates" for the Howard County, Indiana, 4-H Fair on July 12-17.

The top notice is for the Bi-County (Indiana) Pond Workshop. I would love to attend this seminar because it has about everything to make a good "pond loving" day.
The yellow bottom one is how to access the University of Illinois Web site - lots of good stuff no matter where you live in the Midwest.
And a final reminder for our Illinois gardeners:
The Henry County IL 4-H Fair is the week of June 21. Check the U of I Extension web site for exact dates and times of events.
I'll be doing one of my favorite garden tasks: judging the 4-H entries in Floriculture, Horticulture (garden) and Flower Gardening.
It's a pleasure. I enjoy a chance to encourage and coach young gardeners.
Pack up your umbrella, water bottle and head out for some good summer fun at any of the above events. It's the places to be for things to do.
I'm not sure why I feel the need to quote this song, but here goes, "Pack up your troubles in your old silk hat and smile smile smile." Just seems summer time right!

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