Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Annual Fall

With cooler weather, even drought suffering annuals are rebounding.  We had half an inch of rain the other day and although it didn't solve the drought, it did refresh most of the plants.  Grass has greened, annuals have stopped wilting, the garden vegetables are pushed along, and hopefully, all perennials have a bit of a boost.

(Impatiens:  Super Elfin "Parfait Mix" is  placed along the North path to the woods.)

Next spring when you're in the nursery, remember what annuals are rebounding with the cool weather.  Impatients will never looked as good as in the cooler fall weather.  Grasses are thick and most have blooms.  Vines have a combination of flowers and seed pods.

(Zinnia:  "Old Fashioned Pink" - grows to about four foot tall) 

Vegetables are heavily producing.  Tomatoes should put on a final batch - even if you have to pick them green come frost.  Winter squash vines have begun to dry and ornamental squash is still blooming big and beautiful.

(Dolichos Lab Lab:  "Ruby Moon".  Self seeded from last year.) 

Sunflowers are beginning to dry and the little Goldfinches are busy eating upside down.  After the shower, my yard has been filled with Robins eating at the insect buffet.  Squarrels are feasting on and hiding my bumper crop of walnuts.

(Cleome:  "Mixed Pink" - self seeded from last year.)

These photos are some of the pretty annuals currently enjoying this beautiful fall day. 

(Morning Glory:  Pink self seeded from last year (yes, I know..) and a huge dusty pink hybrid called "Chocolate".)

“By all these lovely tokens
September days are here
With summer's best of weather
And autumn's best of cheer.”
Author Unknown


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